KOEL Magazine

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Koel Magazine is a new quarterly magazine by Studio Bloesem that celebrates crafting with yarns to create a stylish home. Curating a contemporary interior decor with yarns. It brings back the coolness to decorative crochet, knitting, macramé, latch hooking, needlework, and weaving. Selectively featuring guest stories on other vices of KOEL’s makers, such as flowers, food, ceramics and other handmade crafts.

KOEL helps yarn crafters to connect the dots. From pattern inspiration to creating an artwork that adds to the uniqueness of a home. Sourcing the best yarns and materials was never so easy. KOEL’s pages are filled with interior styling tips and tricks. In KOEL, we document the creative journeys of yarn crafters across the globe, through interviews and special reports. KOEL is impeccably curated through captivating photography, revealing beautifully styled spaces. Homes become personal museums filled with handmade yarn designs.

For the first edition of KOEL Magazine, Josselin made diverse illustrations to represent the different techniques found in KOEL Magazine. Alongside Jolien Dorgelo, Josselin was also responsible for the design of the first issue.

KOEL Magazine | October 2016 | www.koel-magazine.com